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Every Connection Counts

Your connection is our commitment!

We promise to bring you a superior internet experience so you can stream, surf, watch, learn, work and more - all at the same time! We are proud to connect our communities and offer the advanced services our customers count on.



We're neighbors serving neighbors with our flagship location in the heart of Kamas, UT and additional offices in; Coalville, UT; Evanston, WY; and Rock Springs, WY. Our team lives and works in the communities we serve. 


Our team will help you every step of the way from finding the right services to getting installed and even explaining your technology so you can feel confident and comfortable.


From Heber, UT to Rock Springs, WY, we believe in supporting our local community and giving back to non-profits, community events, high school scholarships, and more. Gifting over $50,000 every year.


We believe that people should have access to quality services and communications - no matter where they live. We're working every day to close the digital divide by bringing advanced services to rural communities in Utah and Wyoming. 


Buildout Timeline

*All times below are tentative and subject to change at any time.

Kemmerer, WY

Street Estimated Completion Time
5th W Avenue 3rd Quarter 2021
9th West Avenue 3rd Quarter 2021
Berry Dr. 3rd Quarter 2021
Carbon St. 3rd Quarter 2021
Cedar Ave 3rd Quarter 2021
Dell Rio Dr. 3rd Quarter 2021
Holland Dr 3rd Quarter 2021
Nation's Dr. 3rd Quarter 2021
Pine Ave 3rd Quarter 2021
Ruby St. 3rd Quarter 2021
Troy Ct. 3rd Quarter 2021
3rd W Ave ( Elk Street to Sapphire Ct.) 4th Quarter 2021
Agate St. 4th Quarter 2021
Antelope Court 4th Quarter 2021
Antelope St. 4th Quarter 2021
Basin Dr. 4th Quarter 2021
Beech Ave. 4th Quarter 2021
Burke St. 4th Quarter 2021
Canyon Rd. (Antelope Street to Dell Rio Dr.) 4th Quarter 2021
Emerald St. 4th Quarter 2021
Keane St. 4th Quarter 2021
Lower Sunset Drive 4th Quarter 2021
McGovern Ave. 4th Quarter 2021
North St. Pass Ct. 4th Quarter 2021
Onyx St. ( Ash Ave. to Sage Ave.) 4th Quarter 2021
Opal St. (Post Pl to Beech Ave.) 4th Quarter 2021
Park Dr. 4th Quarter 2021
Pearl St. 4th Quarter 2021
Post Pl 4th Quarter 2021
Ridgemont Place 4th Quarter 2021
Rolling Hills Dr. 4th Quarter 2021
Sage Ave. 4th Quarter 2021
Sapphire Ct. 4th Quarter 2021
South St. Pass Ct. 4th Quarter 2021
Sun Light Dr. 4th Quarter 2021
Topaz Ct. 4th Quarter 2021
Upper Sunset Dr. 4th Quarter 2021
Walnut St. 4th Quarter 2021
1st Street Completed
2nd Street Completed
3rd W Avenue (Elk St to 2nd St) Completed
4th W Avenue Completed
6th W Avenue Completed
7th W Avenue Completed
Antelope Street Completed
Canyon Road (Antelope St to 1130 Canyon Rd/east side) Completed
Coral | Central Ave. | Fossil Dr. Completed
Coulson Avenue & Circle Completed
Elk Street Completed
Garnet Street (7th W Ave to Sorensen Dr) Completed
Lincoln Heights Dr. Completed
Moose St. Completed
Sorensen Drive Completed
Uinta Drive Completed


Diamondville, WY


Estimated Completion Time

Route 30 (Elkol Street to Canyon Road) 2nd Quarter 2022
Little Canyon Rd. 2nd Quarter 2022
Burgoon Dr. 2nd Quarter 2022
Chicago Street 2nd Quarter 2022
Diamondville Avenue 2nd Quarter 2022
Almy Street 2nd Quarter 2022
Elkol Street 2nd Quarter 2022
E & W Hillcrest Drive 2nd Quarter 2022
Frontier Street 2nd Quarter 2022
Glencoe Street 2nd Quarter 2022
Gomer Street 2nd Quarter 2022
Lincoln Street 2nd Quarter 2022
Oakley Street 2nd Quarter 2022
Radiant Street 2nd Quarter 2022
Southland Drive 2nd Quarter 2022
Star Avenue 2nd Quarter 2022
Sublet Avenue 2nd Quarter 2022
Susie Avenue 2nd Quarter 2022
Blazon Street 2nd Quarter 2022
Brilliant Street 2nd Quarter 2022
Kampman Street 2nd Quarter 2022
Paper Collar Row 2nd Quarter 2022
Blind Bull Alley 2nd Quarter 2022
Conroy Street 2nd Quarter 2022
Cumberland Street 2nd Quarter 2022
Coal Creek Ave. 2nd Quarter 2022
Spring Valley Dr. 2nd Quarter 2022

Timberlakes - Heber, UT


Estimated Completion Time

Westview 2nd Quarter 2021
Ridgeline 2nd Quarter 2021
Aspen Road 2nd Quarter 2021
Green Briar 2nd Quarter 2021


Coalville, UT

Street Estimated Completion time
Sagewood Way 2nd Quarter 2021
Old Farm Ln. 2nd Quarter 2021
150 South 2nd Quarter 2021
100 North 2nd Quarter 2021
50 South 2nd Quarter 2021
50 North 2nd Quarter 2021
50 West 2nd Quarter 2021

Cokeville, WY

Street Estimated Completion time
Co RD. 218 S. 3rd Quarter 2021
North Dr. 3rd Quarter 2021
Taylor Ln 3rd Quarter 2021
Westward Dr. 3rd Quarter 2021
Thors Ln. 3rd Quarter 2021
Collett Ave. 3rd Quarter 2021
2nd N. St. 3rd Quarter 2021
Wyman Ave. 3rd Quarter 2021
Sherman Ave. 3rd Quarter 2021
Taff Ave 3rd Quarter 2021
Pacific St. 3rd Quarter 2021
Front St. 3rd Quarter 2021
Park St. 3rd Quarter 2021
3rd St. 3rd Quarter 2021
Post St. 3rd Quarter 2021
5th St. 3rd Quarter 2021
4th St. 3rd Quarter 2021
6th St. 3rd Quarter 2021
Olson Rd. 3rd Quarter 2021
E Main St. 3rd Quarter 2021
2nd St. 3rd Quarter 2021
Sage St. 3rd Quarter 2021
Spring St. 3rd Quarter 2021
Pearl St. 3rd Quarter 2021
Spring St. 3rd Quarter 2021
N. Sage St. 3rd Quarter 2021
Dayton Dr. 3rd Quarter 2021

Fiber Internet Plans

200 Mbps


Do you stream TV, or have up to 10 devices connected to your network at a time? Do you have a family member who works from home or is taking classes online? With 200 Mbps your whole family can use the internet buffer-free.

  • Symmetrical Speeds
  • No Data Caps
  • Broadband Only Plans Available
  • More Bandwidth

500 Mbps


Gamers, programmers, and super internet users rejoice! With 500 Mbps, you won't ever lose a battle due to buffering or slow speed and you'll enough bandwidth for all your favorite internet activities.

  • Symmetrical Speeds
  • No Data Caps
  • Broadband Only Plans Available
  • Ample Bandwidth

1 Gig


Are you the ultimate internet user? Do you consider yourself a technology expert? Then 1 Gig is for you. Use all your devices at the same time with maximum speed.

  • Symmetrical Speeds
  • No Data Caps
  • Broadband Only Plans Available
  • Ultimate Bandwidth

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While you’re waiting for us to complete your area, sign up early, and receive free installation ($200+ value).



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